Europgen is a cross-border organisation registered as an official lobbying organisation in the EU. It brings together four of Europe’s most prominent trade associations in order to form a powerful and unified voice for the European generating set industry.

Europgen is a non-profit making Association with the
following objectives:

(a) To promote the interests of the European engine driven generating set (gen-set) industry in  its relations with customers, suppliers, EU regulatory authorities and government organisations.

(b) To negotiate and liaise with European institutions and appropriate associations and organisations involved in the genset industry

(c) To facilitate the agreement of European and International Standards for genset products and related services.

(d) To ensure the highest standards for the genset industry’s products and services and to provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information.

Why is Europgen important?

Traditionally energy networks and associated legislation were segregated by nation. In recent decades and due to the rising influence of the EU there has been a shift to cross-border energy networks and the need for Europe-wide legislation.

The European Commission is the regulatory office for the EU and has the power to:

  • Issue non-binding opinions and recommendations to national energy regulators, transmission system operators and EU institutions.
  • Take binding individual decisions in specific cases and under certain conditions on cross-border infrastructure issues.
  • Request draft framework guidelines which serve as the basis for the drafting of network codes. The network codes only become binding after comitology procedure involving Member States and the European Commission.

With a significant number of generating sets embedded into the EU energy infrastructure it’s important that communication is established and maintained between the generating set industry, the European Commission and ACER.

Europgen enables a number of key actions:

Europgen is officially listed on the European Transparency Register so is has the power to lobby in accordance with the EU's code of conduct.

The industry informs and influences any new framework guidelines for network codes.

The industry has a first warning system for any legislative guidelines that will affect the industry.

The EU Commission and ACER is aware of the technical capabilities and limitations of relevant generating sets and associated equipment.

Europgen exists to provide advice, guidance, information and representation for the generating set industry.

Europgen Membership

While there are four founder members at this time, membership is open to any trade associations within the EU representing the generating set industry at a national level (“Member Associations”).

If you represent a trade association from a nation not currently involved with Europgen please contact

Terms of the association

Europgen is structured according to the following:

  1. The Association is registered as an official lobbying organisation in the EU.
  2. The affairs and policies of the Association shall be directed by an Executive Committee comprised of three representatives appointed by each Member Association. Key decisions will be made by consensus.
  3. The Association shall hold a General Assembly not later than four months after the end of each financial year to which all companies in full membership of the Member Associations may attend. Not less than 21 days notice of the date of the General Assembly will be sent to each of the Member Associations for onward communication.
  4. The time and place of the General Assembly shall be decided by the Executive Committee.
  5. A member of the Executive Committee shall cease to be a member if he or she resigns, retires or ceases to hold office in the company or Member Association in which they are engaged.
  6. Each Association of the Executive Committee shall have one vote. The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote in the event of equal voting at any Executive Committee Meeting.